The Fallon School Community offers a supportive and nurturing atmosphere for lifelong student learners, where diversity is welcomed and the pupil is encouraged to meet academic levels.

Compared to other schools in California, this school is ranked above average in school quality. Students here are improving academically above average year-over-year, this school has above average results in how well it serves disadvantaged students, and students are performing on state tests above average.

Eleanor Murray Fallon is a highly rated public school located in Dublin, CA. With a student-teacher ratio of 26 to 1, it has 1,557 students in grades 6-8. 83 per cent of students are at least proficient in math and 86 per cent in reading, according to state test scores.

This school is a joyful and innovative learning community that focuses on young adolescents’ healthy development. At its core, Fallon is a place where teachers, administrators, and support staff work together to ensure that all students feel confident and competent in their ability to master the skills that are essential to 21st century success: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, literacy, mathematics, science, and technology. They value life-long learning and understand that continuous intellectual development requires the physical, social and emotional needs of the community to be actively nurtured. In the process of modeling and teaching students how to develop a healthy lifestyle, control feelings, set and achieve positive goals, feel and display empathy for others, build and sustain positive relationships, and make informed choices, Fallon workers, students, and parents are involved as partners. They are constantly striving to help young adolescents identify and appreciate relationships between themselves and their peers, their families, their community and school, our global village, and the natural world.

In a supportive and nurturing atmosphere, the Fallon School Community serves lifelong student learners, where diversity is welcomed and the participant is encouraged to pursue academic excellence, enhanced by opportunities in athletics, fine arts and community service.

In August 2005, Eleanor Murray Fallon School opened and was originally built to serve kindergarten students through grade 8. However, in the 2011-2012 academic year, rapid suburban growth spurred the conversion of the school to a facility primarily serving middle school students (grades 6-8).

The current enrollment for Fallon is approximately 1590 students. With a majority population of Asian students and important minority groups of Caucasian, Filipino, and Hispanic/Latino students, the student body is diverse. A limited number of African American students, English learners, and socioeconomically marginalized students are served by Fallon.

Fallon Middle School students excel academically, as demonstrated by the high percentage of students who meet or surpass the California Assessment of Student Achievement and Success expectations each year (CAASPP). On a regular basis, Fallon Middle School teachers have intensive and stimulating classwork. The program is consistent with current state requirements in all courses, which emphasize high reading ability, mathematical fluency and problem-solving, and preparation for college or career. The use of digital technology by students is implemented on a regular basis into classes, and we currently have mobile laptop carts in almost every classroom. During their Academic Prep cycles, students are provided with small-group support and enrichment opportunities four times a week. Their 21st-century media center is open most days before and after school, and they also provide peer tutoring after-school for students who want assistance on assignments.

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