In the city of Dublin and the greater Tri-Valley district, Valley Christian Schools have offered quality holistic Christian education for children for a half-century. As a group of learners, Valley Christian stands out, working with parents to ensure every child is cherished and ready for an uncertain and exciting future.

Their approach gives priority to Christian values and universal truths about the inherent dignity of human beings, the need for compassionate responses to oppression, the call to surrender to humility and development, and the need to be prepared to respond to the call to make the world a more beautiful place emotionally, spiritually, physically and academically.

They believe that in community and in deep relationships, the path through life is best completed. For this reason, the educators, coaches, and staff of Valley Christian work with the goal of making every child feel known and respected.

Their simplistic mission is to “develop young leaders.” With three words: brave, reflective, and innovative, they define the style of leadership they cultivate.

Considering the complexity of the world in which they live, Christian schools are ideally placed to cultivate academically powerful thinkers who are also well-fitted with timeless truths about faith, devotion and hope that follow a firm Christian approach.

The infusion into the culture of these young leaders as strong thinkers, whether in business and industry, the arts, education, vocational service, or faith-based fields, has the potential to influence the world with compassion, imagination, and a deeper message of truth about the love of God for people. Their graduates begin a personal project with a strong grasp.

They have a profound passion for children and a strong devotion to our mission of offering them outstanding treatment. In the growth and development of your precious little one, we would like to partner with you, direct and inspire them to succeed at his or her own pace.

They believe each child is a unique and special gift from God at Valley Christian Schools.

Their students aged 2-5 are motivated to advance towards enriched experiences, self-discipline, and the opportunity to make good decisions at their own speed. Through a preschool experience of enduring value, with biblical values and ideals woven through, we grow the entire child.

With caring, trained staff members, first-class facilities and play areas, and a thoughtful balance between growth and learning, they give our children a healthy, secure atmosphere. They are preparing your child with excitement, care and enthusiasm for the adventures awaiting them in elementary school, ensuring a smooth and familiar transition right here on campus.

Valley Christian Preschool fosters a warm, caring, fun, and instructional environment. And at this early age, we can do a lot to ensure that their kids are prepared to face a lifetime of challenges educationally, mentally, socially, and spiritually. They’re creating the whole boy.

For every child, their hands-on activities with biblical, topical, and academic themes create a well-rounded learning experience. Program elements are strong, age-appropriate, and taught from a Christian viewpoint in terms of creation. They encourage kids to “open the door” and explore the awesome world of God as they work, play, and learn together while being driven to a happy, safe growth.

Their staff are here to teach, love and take care of your kids. Teachers lead the kids inside a Christian environment of caring with a developmentally sound curriculum. Early Childhood Education instruction that meets or exceeds state standards has been met by our teachers. They are certified in CPR and first aid for babies and children and have valid background checks.

Preschool classes provide curriculum and skills for school preparation, exercises for visual and motor perception, music, art, science, the Bible, and Spanish.

Enrichment services, via Kinderdance and Soccer Shots, are also available. An extra fee, payable to the designated vendor, is required for these classes. At the beginning of each enrichment class session, registration forms and information will be made available.

Their already enrolled students are given a summer programme. In early spring, themes and a fee schedule are made public.

This amazing school is just one of the many must-see schools you don’t want to miss in Dublin, California:

  • Dublin Elementary School
  • Murray Elementary School
  • Valley High School
  • John Green Elementary School
  • Dublin High School
  • Quarry Lane School
  • Eleanor Murray Fallon Middle School
  • Valley Christian Preschool 
  • Frederiksen Elementary School

All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location located at 6400 Village Pkwy #101 in Dublin, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!