The Palomares Canyon winery property was purchased by founder William Westover Smyth in 1986. To increase the value of the land and raise extra money to sell to the local wineries, he decided to plant grape vines on the farm.

The rich soil of the Castro Valley and the shade of the trees covering the surrounding hills provided a variety of varietals with the perfect growing climate. Eventually, the hills produced so many high quality grapes that Bill decided to keep some and try to make wine with his side.

With the objective of producing high quality small batch wines, he created Westover Winery. In 1991, Westover obtained the first license for alcohol and the tasting room opened in 1994. The estimated total production of small-lot wines, champagnes, dessert wines and ports is about 1,500 cases a year.

Soon after opening, Westover started to make port as a way of experimenting with leftover Zinfandel grapes. Zinfandel, Tawny and Ruby Port were originally developed by the winery. Over the years, port production grew until Westover acquired the distinction of producing the largest range of ports in the United States, offering more than 20 varieties at a time. Selections range from delicate, slightly sweet dessert wines to rich Portuguese-style ports and Tawnies. Many new to the port of drinking will be sure to find a range of ports to suit their changing taste. Instant fans of the consistency and variety of the ports offered on their comprehensive tasting menu will become port fans.

Westover is known for its relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere and warm hospitality as part of a small family winery. The biggest inspiration at Westover is their friends and guests, with some of their most famous products focused on customer feedback and ideas brought to them by family and friends. They produce only the wines they want to drink. You can find premium wines, ports, champagnes and sparkling wines that are fascinating, rare and amazing in taste. To see Westover for yourself, they invite you.

  • Place to Gather
  • Anniversaries, weddings, private parties
  • Customized to your specifications and with tables and chairs
  • For weddings and private personal/business activities, mostly spring, summer and fall.
  • Depending on the type of case, $10-15 per individual rental (Service fee and taxes may apply)
  • Accessible Beverage Packages
  • Space for Bridal and Airbnb
  • On site minister
  • Outdoor caterers are allowed.
  • Receptions and marriages (25-100 persons)
  • Picnic areas and food for a picnic
  • Breathtaking setting for woodland wedding
  • Private groups and meetings for business
  • Gift shop and customizable bottles
  • Degustation of Wine
  • Wide number of wines, champagnes and ports (over 50 bottled on-site)
  • Two labels: Palomares & Westover
  • 12-5 weekend openings (Special winter hours January and February)

Located less than an hour from San Francisco or San Jose, in the historical Palomares Canyon (Livermore Valley). If you want a vineyard that takes home your experience, this is the place. Pleasant, down to Earth – no snobby sales pitch – no wine snobs stuck up – decent people who make good wine! They’ve even got chickens! If you happen to be lucky enough to go while the grapes are being picked – well – that’s another experience for a while!

Please visit Ken and Bill at Westover Winery if you are tired of the commercial staleness of Napa and the high prices of a simple taste, where you will love their product, very reasonable tasting price, make friends, and feel special while you enjoy a wonderful afternoon tasting their wonderful vine harvest.

Dublin, California and the surrounding communities are blessed with many amazing wineries you don’t want to miss :

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All of these wonderful wineries are located just a short distance from our location located at 6400 Village Pkwy #101 in Dublin, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!