Chouinard Winery is located on the historic Cook Ranch between the Castro Valley and the Livermore wine country in Palomares Canyon. They have been welcoming their guests into their winemaking family since 1983. Take a picnic under the 100-year-old oak trees and taste wine, listen to live music, or celebrate a special event, wedding, or vineyard party. Chouinard’s winery is an extension of their passion for winemaking. They craft award winning wines of all kinds: Malbec, Chardonnay, Barbera Rose, Cabernet, Chenin Blanc, Port.

About The Vineyard and Winery of Chouinard

The Chouinard Vineyard at the Winery is the secret jewel of the East Bay Palomares Hills.Winning a wine medal with the most friendly, enjoyable environment you can find anywhere.

The Reds, Whites, and Wines of Ice. The wines that they love are made by them. At a decent price, gold medal winning wines because they want you to enjoy them as much as they do.

Casual, shady, sunny, artistic, fun and intimate. Visit them at the winery and you’ll see why, over 30 years ago, we named this place home.

They love wine making. Yes, it’s a career, but it’s called Wine Work. It is fun when you enjoy what you do. With all of you, they share the love of wine.

Every weekend, they give wine tastings. They have musical concerts and movies throughout the season. For your private activities, such as weddings, family parties or group events, they’re open.

The personal family flavor of Chouinard Vineyard and Winery is expressed in their wines. Just a little laid back. The winery has an enviable track record of supplying some of the finest Zinfandels and Chenin Blancs from the Livermore Valley and California. Chouinard Vineyard is also known for Chardonnay, Merlot, Malbec, Ice Wine and Barbera, along with these flagship wines. Just a little laid back. 

Prices for individual bottles and cases of 12 bottles are included in the details of their individual wines. On sales of 6 or more bottles, they give a 5 percent discount and a 10 percent discount on cases, which is included in the case rates.

VIT Club members get double discounts.

The rates are subject to alteration. Although we update regularly, recent updates might not be reported on the website. There could be mixed events.

WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic drinks can increase the risk of cancer and can cause birth defects during pregnancy.

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