Located near Dougherty Road and Willow Creek Drive, Alamo Creek Park is a 5.3 acre community park.

There is one picnic area in Alamo Creek Park that is open for reservation. The picnic area has 48 seats and three BBQs. By completing the Community Picnic Area Application, or online, reservations can be made. At the park, no inflatable jump houses or other equipment is permitted. Note: On a leash, dogs are allowed.

Installation Of Sculpture

Alamo Creek Park features public artwork named Black Lake,’ by artist Alan Counihan of Dublin, Ireland, in addition to the park’s other amenities.

The work serves as a visual link between the scenery of the park and that of the gentle rolling hills, a bridge of the imagination. It was also created to evoke a sense of the ancient landscape of the region, and for thousands of years, life has continuously lived in this location. An art piece from the park was commissioned by the City of Dublin.

This park is always a great place for me to come and sit in nature on a nice day, hear kids play and laugh and enjoy a good book. Urban encroachment on housing and roads makes parks and trails less and less accessible and safe for those in the community!

This is such a beautifully kept public park. Play structures, children’s play areas, picnic areas, rose garden, sports area, water fountain and plenty of open space for walking and enjoying the fresh air and sun! The water fountain area is nice, calming and quiet. Also located here are the Wave(aquatic facility) and Thursday Farmer’s Market. But parking can be challenging. Park further away or just walk/jog to the park to ramp up the health/exercise factor. The roads, as well as the car park, were also beautifully paved and clean. Park reservations are however, open only to Dublin residents.

The splash pad, the beach and the playground are right next to each other. You can sit on the floor, and there is a BBQ/table section. Provided that it is right next to the water park, parking is adequate.

The rest of the park is very cold. It looked like when we were there they were setting up for a movie in D Park, so that’s cool. The farmers’ market is also awesome. And the rose garden that was being developed, but it would be good to check out.

This park is so massive. This park has a small water park with slides as well. Never before seen it!

This amazing park is just one of the many must-see sights you don’t want to miss in Dublin, California:

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 6400 Village Pkwy #101 in Dublin, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!