What Should Women Wear For A Sports Massage?

During your massage, it’s important that your sports massage therapist has access to the areas you wish to be targeted. In order to get the best out of your sports massage the therapist ideally needs direct access to your skin. This will allow the therapist to perform the techniques they need to in order to give you the best massage possible.

  • Top Half Clothing

If you want your sports massage to focus on your upper body, you’ll need to strip down to your underwear so the therapist can perform their magic.

Most therapists are happy to work with you and your preferences, but for the best results, wearing nothing on your top half allows the therapist to massage you without anything getting in the way. A professional therapist will cover you with a towel and only reveal the parts that are being worked on.

It’s fine if you’re a lady who doesn’t feel comfortable being topless. The therapist will be able to access your back if you wear a regular bra that can be easily unclipped. You can wear your bra if you like, but you should either let the therapist unclip it or unclip it for them. If you keep your bra on, therapists can work around it, but it’s not ideal. It’s fine to keep your bra on if you want the front of your shoulders looked at, and a skilled therapist will have your lady bits covered with a towel.

  • Bottom Half Clothing

For your sports massage, you can wear either sports shorts or short tights. Shorts that can be readily rolled up will be required. If the therapist needs to work on the tops of your quadriceps and hip flexors, the shorts must be able to move freely to do so.

Wearing underwear may be simpler if you’re at ease. As previously stated, a professional therapist will cover you with a towel and only reveal the regions that need to be exposed.

You can rest confident that your private parts will always be covered, and any therapist who fails to do so is against the law!

What not to wear for a sports massage

Many people believe that just because it’s a sports massage, they should wear athletic gear. This isn’t always the case, though. Things like full-length sports tights and sports bras can be a nuisance for therapists since they prevent access to the skin. If you’re going to wear a bra, it’s best to wear a regular one rather than a sports bra, which is usually cumbersome and covers a lot of the back. One that you don’t mind getting massage oils or wax on.

Full-length tights prevent access to the skin, thus massage over them will be ineffective. I’m sure your therapist would be pleased to oblige, but you won’t get the most out of the session if you stay dressed.

What techniques are used in a sports massage?

  • Effleurage serves a variety of purposes and produces a variety of effects, making it a valuable technique. Effleurage can be done on the surface or in the depths. Effleurage is a technique for spreading oil and warming tissues. It has a calming, relaxing physiological and psychological effect, or it might excite depending on the speed with which it is applied.
  • Kneading in a sports massage entails a variety of tissue manipulation techniques. Lifting, squeezing, and manipulating tissues are all part of kneading. The pumping action of the hand strokes is caused by the alternate pressure and relaxation of the capillaries and veins beneath the skin. The flow of blood through the veins is accelerated by pressure, allowing waste items to be eliminated while fresh blood delivers oxygen and nutrients.
  • Wringing is a sports massage technique in which tissues are raised away from the bone and pressed from side to side while the hands move up and down. The alternate squeezing and releasing movement of the hands on the tissue improves tissue condition by increasing circulation, removing waste materials, and bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area.
  • Hacking is one of the percussion massage techniques employed. The hands’ borders are utilized to strike the tissues in a light, bouncy, and brisk manner. Hacking promotes blood circulation, stimulates and softens hard tissue, induces reflex contraction of muscular fibers, and can improve tone.
  • Trigger pointing is a technique used in sports massage to deactivate trigger points, reduce pain and muscular tightness, and help muscles regain physiological function. A trigger point is a tiny irritated region within the muscle or fascia tissue. Touching trigger points causes pain and tenderness. Trigger points form as a result of trauma or when tissues are maintained in a shortened position for an extended length of time. On help alleviate pain and release fresh blood, pressure is administered directly to trigger points.

We hope this article has helped you get a better understanding of what to wear and not to wear for your massage session. If you have any questions or want more information about the process, contact them today!