What Do You Wear For A Sports Massage?

For anyone who’s never had a massage before, you may have some questions in advance. One of those might be you don’t know what to wear during the session. Since not all massages are the same, it’s a good question because therapists have different preferences. Ultimately it is up to the client what they choose to wear, and what they are most comfortable with.  As therapists, that is our main priority, the clients comfort.

What to Wear

  • Loose-fitting tank tops or shirts – You will want to make sure your shirts allow the massage therapist to work freely with the area for any harm to the upper body, such as shoulder or back injuries. It’s best not to have a top on anything. This is quite easy for male clients but an entirely different story for female clients. Typically a sports bra would work just fine though.
  • Loose-fitting athletic shorts – This will be especially important if you have a hamstring or glute injury, as tight clothing will limit how easily the doctor can interact with the muscles. Any shorts that allow access to groups of muscles below the fabric.
  • Loose-fitting athletic pants – If you’re not a shorts fan and prefer to wear pants, make sure they ‘re really loose and athletic pants, particularly for any injury to your legs. Tight-fitting shorts or pants can limit access to the area to be discussed, making your appointment less efficient if you need to work on your legs. 
  • Loose-fitting undergarments

What Not To Wear

    • Tight-fitting spandex shirts – This is particularly true for any form of upper-body injury. The therapists need not just access to the area of injury or problem. They need to access the surrounding area, too. 
    • Tight undergarments – You should leave your undergarments on if you don’t want to get fully undressed but don’t want to remove your top layer of clothes. 
    • Denim – We all love a pair of good, perfectly matching jeans. The sort that suits like a glove and makes us look awesome. The place to wear these though is not a sports massage. Carrying your favorite jeans to a therapy session would hamper the appointment ‘s success. 
    • Leggings – Do not wear leggings to the massage, they ‘re comfortable for you but the massage therapist can’t give you the muscle healing treatment you need to recover from your injury. That said, if you don’t have an injury to the knee, hip, or glute, then leggings may be fine as long as you consult with your doctor, and they’re saying it’s okay.

  • Avoid wearing excess makeup – This advice will make the session more fun for women not going to worry about rubbing off or running yourself. For a woman the least soothing thing is to think about what her makeup would look like after a massage session.

  • Avoid Wearing Jewelries – It is not the end of the world to wear jewelry to a sports massage, but it will interfere with the massage. You may have your hands, wrists, and arms massaged for some sessions to increase circulation and mobility while reducing pain. They find this impossible to do if you have large rings and bracelets on.

Are You in Need of an Effective Sports Massage?

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