How Long Should A Sports Maintenance Massage Last? Sports Maintenance Massage Techniques Includes

Sports Maintenance Massage is recommended for athletes who are looking to improve their performance, prevent injury and increase recovery time. Sports Maintenance Therapy lasts around 60-90 minutes which allows enough time to thoroughly address all problem areas on the body that affect sports performance. Sports Massages target muscles like hamstrings, quads, calves, glutes & hip flexors so you can get back out there feeling refreshed instead of tired or sore after your next training session. Here’s a quick list of how long should Sports Maintenance Massage last depending on their techniques:

Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Sports Maintenance Massages focus more specifically on problem areas like ham, quads, calves, glutes, and hip flexors. Sports Maintenance Massage therapy can last up to 90 minutes depending on the athlete’s needs at hand as well as their personal preference for Sports Maintenance Therapy.

Swedish Sports Massage

    Swedish Sports Maintenance Massages are a bit less intense which makes them more effective during training sessions with high-intensity intervals because of light pressure used by Sports Maintenance Therapists working along with muscles like hamstrings, quads, calves & forearms. Swedish Sports Massage will last around 30-60 minutes.

Trigger Point Massage

    Trigger Point Sports Maintenance Massages is a specialized technique that works to release tension in the body by targeting specific trigger points. Trigger Points can be found throughout the muscles and ligaments of all athletes which is why it lasts around 30-90 minutes.

Lymphatic Massage

    Lymphatic Sports Maintenance Massages are designed to help athletes recover faster from muscle fatigue by targeting lymph nodes throughout the body. It will last around 30-60 minutes according to individual needs.

Compression Massage

    Compression Sports Maintenance Massages is a technique designed to help athletes recover from muscle fatigue as quickly as possible by utilizing compression techniques with massage movements. Compression Massage will last 30 minutes on average but can last up to 90 minutes depending on the athlete’s needs at hand.

Cross-Fiber Massage

    Cross-Fiber Sports Maintenance Massages is a technique that helps athletes recover from muscle fatigue quickly by breaking up adhesions and scar tissue in the muscles. Cross-Fiber Massage will last 30 minutes on average but can also go as long as 90 minutes depending on individual needs.

Sports Maintenance Massage is an important part of staying healthy and fit for athletes. Sport Maintenance Massage will last from 30 minutes to one hour depending on if you’re looking for therapeutic relief or just want to relax. Get in touch, we’re always happy to answer any question and make sure we find the perfect solution for you.

Are You in Need of an Effective Sports Maintenance Massage?

A sports maintenance massage from Schemata Bodywork helps people who are active or desire to be an active return to their sport. Who can benefit from a maintenance sports massage from Schemata Bodywork? Athletes in the off-season need to improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, biomechanics, posture, stress patterns, scar tissue and recover from existing injuries. If you are suffering from injuries with acute or chronic pain, or someone who wants relief from mental or physical stress, we can help change your life. Contact us now for your appointment.