Kids Activity Guide for Dublin, California

Some of Dublin’s children’s activities will need a vehicle, while you can just jump on the Dart or Luas for others but most of them are perfect for children up to the age of 12, are very fun and will not break the bank either.

Imaginosity is the first stop that you can consider on your quest to find the best Dublin children’s activities.

Billed as the Dublin Children’s Museum, this is a child-centered place where children can play creatively with their parents.

The exhibits are educationally crafted to encourage learning through play, and with children up to around 10 years old, it’s a big success. It’s definitely worth booking in advance, and sessions last two hours, so make sure you get the full benefit of your money – don’t waste your coffee time!

Another choice you can check is this place. Dublin Zoo is a little bit obvious, but it’s still a solid option.

The beauty of the zoo is that you can do it on your own time, whether you just have three hours to spend there, or you’re going to be there all day long. There’s so much to see and being early means that some animals can monitor their feeding times and pop back when they’re on.

A great addition to the zoo is the African Plains, and seeing the animals up close is especially fun for the kids.

Next is Rainforest Adventure Golf. Dream of mini golf, except in a forest of rain.

Located in Dundrum, this mini golf novelty is a major winner with both tiny and big children coming out with competitive streaks. These guys are open on the weekends from am onwards.

Include in your list the Aqua Zone at the National Aquatic Centre. This is like a children’s underwater playground: there’s a pirate ship and a wave pool, as well as a couple of water slides, so there’s a lot to do.

If parents choose to take turns on babysitting activities, the National Aquatic Centre even has some pretty badass water slides for grown ups. Alternatively, most local pools do family hours early on weekend mornings, so if you have any kids who want to swim, it’s certainly worth checking out.

Also, the City of Dublin is now offering children, teenagers and adults many camps, social distance courses, and online programs. For more info, you can visit

The following amazing parks are just few of the many must-see sights you don’t want to miss in Dublin, California:

  • Emerald Glen Park
  • Schaefer Ranch Park
  • Alamo Creek Park
  • Kolb Park
  • Shannon Park
  • Positano Hills Park
  • Jordan Ranch Park
  • Stagecoach Park
  • Fallon Sports Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 6400 Village Pkwy #101 in Dublin, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!