East Bay’s top-rated escape games. Their rooms will immerse you in the theme where you and your team need to work together using the room elements. You’ve got 60 minutes, a mystery, a mission and your wits to find hidden clues, solve secret puzzles, and you’ve got to think fast. Play their award winning game; Hunt for the Crown or a little scare, The Secrets of the Magician will give you a thrill. And finally, Wild West Jail Escape, their most challenging game. Have you got what it takes? Will you get away?

Exit 2 Escape includes everything you love about escape rooms. Puzzles are lovingly and cleverly crafted — they’re just challenging enough to create suspense, but they’re still incredibly rewarding to solve. That’s the story, and they’re properly driven. There are escape rooms where the puzzles are put together without any concept or thread to link items, and they’re extremely frustrating. Exit 2 Escape Rooms are absolute departures. The stories let the groups have a few things to work on at a time, but generally everyone has to work together to solve the overall room.

Exit2Escape is situated in the business center of Dublin, right behind Marshalls / Ross Plaza. The doors and windows are covered with non-seeing material from the outside, but you can see if you’re sitting inside the room. So don’t be dissuaded from going through the door where the name of the company is indicated.

It’s a perfect escape room for beginners. Clues could be provided when you’re lost and the flow of the game is pretty straightforward. It’s also really simple when you get the right puzzle, so you don’t waste time rethinking the old clues. Orientation helps to get both the storytelling and the gameplay that really helps. You will also enjoy the puzzles due to a strong diversity of different puzzles.

The puzzles are tricky mentally, a lot of genuine thought goes into their hints, which for beginners can be challenging if you aren’t used to it. The room is well lit, and it all works, which is the secret. (Not everything worked at the different venue, which was super annoying)

The flow of this game is amazing. All matched the theme of the space and no hint is used twice, which is also very helpful. But the real five-star winners are Roy and Wendy. They’re by far the best people you’ll ever meet for anything like this. Down to earth and so polite and supportive, literally every new room they make.

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