Dante Robere Vineyards was established in 2012.In 2007, in Dan’s backyard, Dan Rosenberg and Bob Bossi planted a tiny Zinfandel vineyard and started making wine at home. They were dreaming of turning a second career into their hobby and passion for wine and winemaking. The families agreed in 2012 to formally establish a winery. They bought a 6-acre Syrah vineyard and an adjoining lot in South Livermore, planning to own a vineyard and develop a winery facility from the ground up. The new winery opened at 1200 Wetmore Road in July 2015. After Dan and Bob, Dante Robere Vineyards is named. Their aim is, where possible, to produce wine from Livermore Valley grapes, but also to obtain quality grapes from other wine-growing regions that are well suited to those special varietals. Their signature wines are their farm-grown Syrah, blended wines featuring the Syrah estate, and other Rhone varietals including Grenache and Mourvedre. Stalwart varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and Chardonnay are also made.

Dan Rosenberg and Bob Bossi have been friends for more than 30 years. For several years, Bob loved drinking and learning about fine wines, and when Dan moved to Livermore in 2003 and got the “wine bug” Dante Robere’s future started to take shape even though they didn’t know it at the time. Their love of quality wine sent them on trips to most of California’s fine wine regions, concentrating on visits to smaller, family-run wineries.

The wines are magnificently made. Plus, the servers were informative, engaging and enjoyable. Comparisons will be offered that have helped to bring out the various flavors and textures from one year to the next. You will love the marvellous experience.

A winery is a wine-producing building or property, or a business engaged in the making of wine, such as a wine company. Many wineries are owned by such wine companies. In addition to wine making facilities, warehouses, bottling lines, labs, and wide expanses of tanks known as tank farms can also be featured in larger wineries. It is probable that wineries existed as long as 8,000 years ago.

Dublin, California and the surrounding communities are blessed with many amazing wineries you don’t want to miss :

  • Rubino Estates Winery
  • Chouinard Vineyards & Winery 
  • Westover Winery 
  • Las Positas Vineyards 
  • Tenuta Vineyards 
  • Page Mill Winery 
  • Retzlaff Vineyards
  • Wente Vineyards 

All of these wonderful wineries are located just a short distance from our location located at 6400 Village Pkwy #101 in Dublin, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!