Why You Should Treat Yourself To A Sports Massage Today

Sports massages are designed to prepare athletes for peak performance, reduce fatigue and relieve muscle swelling and stress. Due to muscle tension, over-extension, overuse, minor injuries and injuries, athletes may experience severe pain and may have an impact on athletic performance. Sports massages help with pain and help prevent future injuries.

One of the most common issues for athletes to deal with is delayed-onset muscle pain, also known as DOMS. This refers to muscle aches that develop hours after workouts and consists mostly of eccentric muscle movements, especially when the exercise is unfamiliar. Studies have shown that sports massages can help reduce and prevent the effects of DOMS in athletes.

When muscles are heavily trained, they can also lose their ability to relax and become chronically tight. This causes a lack of flexibility associated with muscle pain. Regular trips to your massage therapist can help you fight these chronically tight muscles.

Taking regular visits to your sports massage therapist can be an extremely beneficial addition to your routine.

The Reasons why you should treat yourself to a Sports Massage are:

1. Helps Increase Flexibility

As an athlete, you’re trying to do your best. But constant training is taking a toll on your muscles. Overtraining can lead to muscle stiffness. Sports massage can help you relax your tense muscles and increase your flexibility. A good sports massage before a competition can relax your muscles, increase your flexibility and improve your performance.

2. Relaxation

Sports massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for how your body works. Controls things like your heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) Relaxation has a lot more benefits than drawbacks.

3. Stress Relief

The body doesn’t work properly when it’s stressed out. This could include being physically tired or mentally stressed after a busy working week. Sports massage reduces the amount of stress-related hormones in your body that can prevent injury, help recovery, and even boost your immune system – stopping you from getting some illnesses.

4. Decrease in soreness of muscle

When you exercise or perform any kind of physical activity, your muscles have micro tears in the fibers. This is not a bad thing, but it causes inflammation deep in your tissue to rebuild your tears during recovery. This causes the achy feeling that you might feel for a day or two after exercise (known as DOMS – Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness). Waste products, such as lactic acid, are flushed out by sports massage, and blood flow is improved, making muscle repair faster.

5. Speeds Up Recovery

Sports massage improves your circulation of blood. Increased blood flow nourishes and helps repair muscles and tissues damaged by heavy training. This leads to a faster recovery and an early return to effective training.

6. Enhanced Mobility

The movement of your joints is increased by sports massage; by stretching and lengthening the muscles around them. The amount of synovial fluid inside the joints increases, allowing more movement between the bones. Similar to putting oil in your car-to help everything move more freely.

7. Improved Circulation

When your muscles are relaxed and not as tense, your blood supply increases. This makes it possible to deliver nutrients to your muscles and to flush out unwanted products such as lactic acid. Again, it improves recovery and reduces the likelihood of injury.

8. Helps to eliminate by-products of exercise

After you start your exercise, lactic acid and carbonic acid build up in the muscle tissue. These acids are produced as waste by muscle contractions. It’s a normal process. Muscles use glycogen stores to generate energy in which lactic and carbonic acids are the by-products of this metabolic process.

Acid waste causes muscle irritation. Improved massage circulation helps to eliminate waste products. After a massage, you may need to drink plenty of water to completely eliminate them.