Should You Play Sports After A Sports Massage?

As we all know, exercise is important, but often a little support from outside is needed to make the most of any exercise. The common form of physiotherapy is a massage that reduces the risk of injury and helps you to learn more from every visit to the gym. You will be flexible, pain minimized, and breathing increased – all of which would of course help the body recover from the exercise. This said, maybe it is not clear precisely when a sports massage should be done.

Pre-Workout Massage

The purpose of a pre-workout massage should be to stimulate the production of endorphin and to alleviate any discomfort until you drive your body from its comfort zone. This massage, when done properly, makes you feel fantastic-and can therefore easily handle the walking trailer (or squat rack or climbing wall). If you spend more than thirty minutes on the massage table and you’re likely to be shattered. The same is true of work with deep tissue because it can lead to temporary soreness which will affect results. As such, you want to make your massage before the workout light, so it loses muscles rather than stresses them.

Post-Workout Massage

A post-training massage is intended to reduce pain and inflammation and to restore full flexibility. Seasoned trainers in resistance have had moments where they hit weight a little too hard, and the next morning they couldn’t brush their teeth! The massage should be based on the particular muscles you have most exercised rather than general. A skilled physiotherapist would know exactly where to concentrate. You will have to stay on the table longer in order to get the best from such a massage.

An hour or more is usually required to reach the deep muscles , improve circulation and eliminate toxicity. So how quickly should a sports massage be received after training? Well, you have time to take a shower and take a rehabilitation meal. In fact, after your training, there should be a 48-hour window. A massage will have the desired effect during that period.

How Long Should You Wait To Do Sports/Exercise After a Massage?

It’s usually recommended that you don’t immediately exercise after a massage. However, people often feel limber and spry after receiving bodywork, which makes them think they can head straight to the gym. Below are the reasons why you should wait before engaging in physical activity.

  • Risk of Injury. It is recognised by the massage therapy specialists that the pressure of massage can make your muscles and connective tissue pliable and “gel-like” when you are in a state of massaging. High intensity training will potentially strain the muscle and tissue during post-massage.
  • DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). After a sports massage, some delayed onset muscular soreness, or DOMS, is a common occurrence. Your certified massage therapist can stimulate your muscles and work on them. You ‘re not going to get DOMS always, but that’s normal. After a massage, immediate hitting the gym will make the DOMS even more challenging for you.
  • Dehydration. Many people claim that after massage therapy, you can drink water because it increases the body’s metabolism and flushes blood-free toxins. The theory is that the water helps the kidneys absorb metabolic waste more rapidly. This is not confirmed by actual scientific evidence. Massages nevertheless work your muscles vigorously and increase the circulation that your body uses water more quickly. Therefore, you ‘re more likely to be dehydrated. Drink your water and give your body some type to catch up before you sweat out even more fluid in the gym.

Are You in Need of an Effective Sports Massage?

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