How Women Can Get A Massage Without Feeling Awkward

Some people are self-conscious about getting a massage for the first time. It’s largely fear of the unknown; wondering what it’ll be like and whether you’ll love it. When you’re in the hands of a trained professional massage therapist, though, uneasy sensations pass away immediately. They give a secure and relaxing environment. They’ll walk you through the process so you don’t feel ashamed or in the dark.

However, there are a few things to be aware of ahead of time that will make you feel more at ease when you come for your massage. Here’s a quick rundown:

    • Put your hair in a ponytail if you have long hair

    When it comes to working on your back and neck, your therapist will have an easier time. Keep your jewelry at home or in your pocket or purse.

    • Talk

     Prepare to communicate with your therapist whenever you have a question, if you don’t want a specific place massaged for whatever reason (we don’t care! ), or if you want more or less pressure during the session. This is about YOUR well-being and comfort. Even if it’s in the middle of the treatment, massage therapists want you to speak up to assist make the session better. Do not be afraid to speak up. No offense will be taken, and no decisions will be made. If you need to, talk to the therapist.

    • Don’t be surprised if anything unexpected happens

    Massage therapists are experts in their field. We know what we’re doing and will never compromise our professional or ethical standards. You can rest assured that we will not ask you out on a date, chat about your physique, or make (or tolerate) any advances that are not within the scope of massage therapy. Your body will be draped to maintain your modesty at all times. We will treat you with dignity and respect. We expect you to treat us the same way.

    • Arrive a few minutes early for your appointment

    There will be some paperwork to complete. Mostly to gather basic information and notify your therapist of your session’s aims, as well as any medical conditions that may affect the approaches your therapist employs. Always be truthful when filling out forms. What you write will be seen only by the therapist, and the records will be kept under lock and key. Withholding information can result in misunderstandings at the very least, and unintended hurt at the very worst.

    • Maintain a clean environment

    It would be ideal if you could shower before going to the massage clinic. While all massage therapists are used to working in a variety of environments, it does improve the experience for both you and your therapist.

    The therapist will be able to apply the oils, lotions, or creams used in the massage session more effectively if the skin is clean. It’s fine if you can’t shower just before the massage. Instead, take one when you get up in the morning. In any event, don’t use perfume or cologne to disguise the fact that you haven’t showered. It won’t work, and you’ll merely introduce a whole new problem into a spa or massage clinic’s normally scent-free environment.

    In other circumstances, such as sports massage after a half-marathon, therapists work on clients who are hot and sweaty on a frequent basis. That’s great, because the therapists are there to work and are aware of the situation. There’s no reason to.

      • If you enjoyed the service, you can expect to leave a tip

       Massage therapists, like many other service professions, are frequently paid a flat cost for massage, with the majority of the money going to “the house.” A 15-20% gratuity is usual for most services. Tipping can be done in cash or with a credit card. If you use a Groupon or other bargain, tipping is extremely vital. Please remember that the discount comes out of the therapist’s wallet, so be considerate.

      • Finally, if you find a place and/or therapist that you enjoy, tell your friends

      Massage therapy, like any other business, relies primarily on word of mouth to spread the word about excellent service and professional treatments that leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, or invigorated. A brief check-in or social media post mentioning the business name will go a long way toward keeping your favorite therapist in business.

      If you are a woman who needs to get some relaxation, but don’t want the hassle of getting all dressed up and going out for a massage, then read on. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about your body or self-conscious in any way! We’re here to show you that there are other options available for women seeking this kind of service without feeling awkward.  Visit us!