Wente Vineyards is a winery that is “the oldest continuously operating, family-owned winery in the United States.” in Livermore, California. The Wente Estate is registered as a Historical Landmark of California # 957.

In several California vineyards, the Wente clone is budwood that is used to grow Chardonnay. Winegrower Ernest Wente of the 2nd Generation took cuttings from the University of Montpellier, France, in 1912. Cuttings from the Wente vineyard then spread to a variety of other wineries before being finally approved by the University of California, Davis, Foundation Plant Materials Service.

The longest, continuously operated family-owned winery in the world, established in 1883, is Wente Vineyards.

They draw from their estate vineyards in the Livermore Valley and Arroyo Seco, Monterey appellations, combining conventional and innovative winemaking techniques, to create an outstanding portfolio of fine wines. They are known as one of the best wine country destinations in California, offering wine drinking, dining, concert experiences, golf championships and more.

They aspire to be better every single day than the day before. That is what was instilled in the owner/manager by his dad. They’ve worked tirelessly to grow and develop great California Chardonnays for five generations. They’re not doing it because they have to, they are doing it because they enjoy it.

In 1912, Ernest Wente of the 2nd Generation convinced his father and founder, C.H. Went to Livermore Valley to import Chardonnay cuttings from the University of Montpellier France vine nursery and hand-picked the best of the best vines. About 80% of all California Chardonnay today stems from the Wente Clone. A ‘clone’ in viticulture refers to vines descended from a single plant by taking a cutting or bud; each vine grown on a clone is, in principle, genetically identical to the original vine.

Today, winegrower Karl D. Wente of the 5th Generation continues the Wente Clone with four different types through the Chardonnay legacy families: Morning Fog Chardonnay, Single Vineyard Riva Ranch Chardonnay, Tiny Lot Eric’s Chardonnay and Nth Degree Chardonnay.

A golf course, tasting rooms, a catering service and a gourmet restaurant are also provided by Wente Vineyards, all nestled in the heart of the vineyards. Concerts in the Vineyard are held during the summer, featuring performers from legends such as The Doobie Brothers and Frankie Valli, comedians such as George Carlin and jazz musicians such as Diana Krall, as well as current pop artists such as The Band Perry. The catering service also provides people with food to eat for these concerts while they watch the show.

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