Caps & Taps’ is a family owned and run Bottle Shop and Tap Room in Dublin, CA. Founded by the brothers Brian and Greg Lewis, Caps & Taps is a place where locals and tourists can come together in a comfortable atmosphere. If you’re celebrating a special event or relaxing with your mates over a cold beer, Caps & Taps is the place to be.

Set in the heart of Dublin, among the Tralee Village Shops, Caps & Taps is dedicated to providing the finest range of handmade beer by pouring the new and best available beers and offering true beer geek knowledge. They have 18 rotating taps serving local and not so local handicraft beer, as well as a fine selection of premium handicraft beer in their bottle shop. So come out and enjoy the cool, relaxed atmosphere of the Caps & Taps.

Caps & Taps offers a fine range of quality handmade beer in bottles, including many of the fine beers available on tap, as well as some exclusive ‘only bottle’ options. These offerings will continue to shift as exciting new beers are launched. Feel free to sample these fine craft beers in their sampling room, or take them home and enjoy them.

Please be aware that when you buy a bottled beer, you must either leave the Caps & Taps before opening, or they will be happy to serve you in their tasting room. Don’t serve yourself, please. By rule, you have to open your beer at the bar to drink it at Caps & Taps. They love your company and are very happy to serve you.

Lots of specialty / craft beers on tap, including some pretty exclusive ones, so you’re just going to have to stop by to see what they have. Some beers might just be there for a few days, depending on how many kegs they have and how popular they are.

Pleasant vibes with a relaxed atmosphere. It seems like they’re encouraging you to bring food outside (there’s an Extreme Pizza around the corner) because they’ve only packed snacks there.

Excellent local beer bar craft. It’s not really a “beer garden” as the Yelp category definition would imply, as the venue is a plain, clean , comfortable ground floor unit in a newer house, but in any case, it’s comfortable enough and there should be enough space for people at most times.

The best aspect of this bar is a well-cured, fairly comprehensive range of standard craft brews. The bartenders are nice and knowledgeable, too, and the crowd seems to be mainly locals, so it’s just a casual atmosphere.

This spot is pretty cool, a little bit small, but it’s ok. Great range of beer on tap and the refrigerators have great options as well. It had a good feeling with good workers working there. You can carry your own food, too. Places like this continue to pop up right now, and that’s what this city needs.

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All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short distance from our location located at 6400 Village Pkwy #101 in Dublin, California! Stop by for a visit anytime!